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by Kevin Coupe

There is a great little piece in Food Safety News that looks at the work of Kendall Erskine, assistant professor of the department of psychological science at Loyola University in New orleans, whop says that "people with a taste for organics are more likely to be insufferable."

Essentially, Erskine's study "depicts people with organic-food diets as being more judgmental and/or judgmental," the story says, suggesting that when put to the test, people who eat organic foods "put their judgmental thoughts above the needs of others."

According to Food Safety News, "Such foods also leave their adherents with the notion that organic food and people who eat them are more superior," or what is termed a 'holier-than-than-thou' sense of superiority."

However, as the story notes, "It is not clear from his research whether people who eat organic foods might be bad-tempered before they choose to eat organic food or if their foul moods are the result of it."

Someone once told me that there is nobody as Catholic as a converted Catholic; I think that's largely true of people who convert to anything, whether it be a religion, political persuasion, or lifestyle choice. So that's probably the case here.

That said, I think it is important not to paint with too broad a brush. I have relatives who have become vegans but who have a sense of humor about it and would never think twice about criticizing someone else's choices. And, I have relatives who have made the same choices, and who are not, shall we say, quite as tolerant. So not everybody is the same.

Still, it is an Eye-Opener. If for no other reason, the study reminds us that people who are holier-than-thou often really are holier-than-nobody.
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