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• The Sacramento Bee has an interesting story about how some area restaurants are complaining that citizen reviewers for website are practicing a kind of extortion - "customers threaten to write a bad review if the restaurant does not offer some sort of benefit, such as a gift card, free meal or preferred seating."

The story goes on: "Kristen Whisenand, public relations manager for Yelp, said in an email that the website allows for users and business owners to flag reviews that violate the website's terms of service. If it is determined the review is fake, biased or malicious, it will be taken down. She also said Yelp is different from other review websites because it has an automated review filter that attempts to remove reviews that are biased, malicious or phony. The system is not perfect and sometimes removes legitimate reviews and leaves up bad reviews, she said."
KC's View:
Wow. I had no idea that, as a blogger, I had that kind of power.

I would suggest that anyone who is targeted by one these extortionists tell them what Woody Allen tells a US Senate committee at the end of The Front, or what Richard Dreyfuss tells the FBI agent looking for a fugitive in The Big Fix.