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Hi, I'm Kevin Coupe, and it is good to be back with an all-new edition of FaceTime with the Content Guy.

Some of you may remember that more than a year ago, I mentioned the fact that a new barber shop was opening in my town, and that I was intrigued by the fact that it had an interesting value proposition. For a set fee, you could get as many haircuts a month as you like.

Now, I was intrigued by this because every once in a while, I'll be going off to give a speech and while I don;t really need a haircut, it'd be nice to get a little trim. But I don't really feel like spending the money on a haircut I don't need ... and besides, I've had the same guy cutting my hair for 20 years, and he only works on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. I'm pretty loyal this way - and I somehow had become convinced that he was the only guy who could cut my hair.

I mentioned it here, however, for a different reason. When I asked the guy who cut my hair if he was worried about new competition, he didn't even know the new place was opening. When I explained the whole monthly fee thing to him, he shrugged. He just wasn't worried about it.

Well, a year went by. I kept going to the same guy. But then, two things happened simultaneously.

One, my schedule got changed, and I really needed a haircut...but I needed it on a Monday.

Two, I got a Groupon ad offering me a big discount at the new place on a haircut.

Well, so much for loyalty. I tried the new place, and got a great haircut. Plus, they did this whole hot towel thing, plus the woman who washed my hair massaged my forehead with this eucalyptus stuff, and it was really, really nice.

Haven't been back to the old guy since. I paid my monthly fee, and now I go to the new place every 12-14 days. And I love it.

Think about it. Twenty years of going to one place, and because of a fluke in my schedule and an email from Groupon, it doesn't matter anymore.

Marketers in all venues have to be on guard at every moment against new competitors with new business models and new angles on both old and new products and services.

We all know that keeping a customer is easier and cheaper than getting a new one.

But the reality is that every customer is in play at one time or another - all it takes is a really compelling offer.

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