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On Friday, MNB took note of a new study on private brand usage conducted by Perception Research Services (PRS) that suggests that "the vast majority of shoppers still purchase some Private Label products on a regular basis (86% - on par with the 84% seen in November 2010). This is true across income groups and other types of classification."

I commented that while I was not surprised by the numbers, " it also is important to point out that while PRS conducted the study, it is not saying who paid for it. Not that the sponsor makes the numbers illegitimate, but it is always important to be transparent about this stuff."

Ana Sandoval, a spokesperson for Perception Research Services, sent me the following email:

Thanks for including our Private Label (PL) survey results in today's newsletter. I want to let you know that the PL study was not commissioned by or for any clients. It was a self-funded study to gauge shopping habits. We regularly field such studies to keep a pulse on shopper and consumer habits and trends.

Thanks for the clarification ... and apologies if it seemed like I was disparaging your company or the study itself.
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