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In Washington State, it is reported that the city of Issaquah has "joined a string of cities along Puget Sound to outlaw plastic bags at local retailers June 4, after months of sometimes acrimonious debate about adverse impacts to the marine environment and the regional economy." Among the other cities are Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Bellingham, Edmonds and Mukilteo.

The Issaquah Press reports that "in the end, concerns about the environment led the City Council to decide 5-2 to eliminate most retail uses for plastic bags. The legislation — and a 5-cent fee on paper bags — go into effect in March 2013 for most businesses."

The story goes on to say that "consumers should not expect plastic bags to disappear from local businesses altogether. The ordinance includes exemptions for numerous everyday uses, such as plastic bags to carry dry cleaning and newspapers. The legislation also exempts restaurants, so diners can expect compostable takeout containers to come in plastic bags at some establishments. The city mandated compostable takeout containers for restaurants in November 2009."
KC's View:
I tend to think that if the bags are going to be banned in some retailers, they ought to be banned in all retailers.