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Marketing Daily reports on a new survey from Cone Communications saying that "52% of fathers now identify themselves as the primary grocery store shopper. And while it isn’t particularly unusual that dads say they are doing more, the big news is that moms are acknowledging the change, as well. Some 35% of the moms in the sample agree that over the past few year, dad has taken on more shopping."

According to Bill Fleishman, president of Cone Communications, these men "aren’t just shopping more, they are spending more time talking with mothers and other family members about what to buy. They’re very open, and that’s exciting," he tells Marketing Daily.

According to the survey, this means that they are open to consulting with other family members about what to buy, open to collecting coupons and being intelligent consumers, and open to planning meals for the coming week. interestingly, they tend to get their information from traditional media - more from in-store promotions, newspapers, magazines and television, and less from the internet.
KC's View:
Welcome to my world.

I am amused by the fact that dads are consulting with their families. I've been doing that for years, and usually the best I can get out of any of them is "get good stuff."


This report does speak, however, to the importance of re-thinking the store environment for other kinds of shoppers than have traditionally perused the aisles. Are there sections or approaches that can be re-created in an effort to have broader appeal, or maybe even greater male appeal (at least at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week, as appropriate).