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The Los Angeles Times reports that Best Buy has announced that it plans to lay off 600 Geek Squad employees and some 1,800 other store workers as part of its turnaround plan designed to help it compete better with the likes of and Apple.

According to the story, "The layoffs represent 1.5% of Best Buy's overall workforce but 3% of the company's Geek Squad employees, who can assist with technical issues inside stores or at customers' homes.

"Best Buy has highlighted its Geek Squad service to keep customers from turning to cheaper online options, often after checking out the goods in Best Buy showrooms."

The move comes as Best Buy endures a series of traumatic events - a disappointing Christmas selling season, the departure of its CEO because of an apparently inappropriate relationship he was having with an employee, and an announced decision "to cut the size of superstores by 20% and open 100 Mobile Stores, which mimic the Apple Store approach to customer service by putting Geek Squad employees behind the help desk. In the process, Best Buy closed 50 of its superstores and cut 400 corporate and support jobs."
KC's View:
This strikes me as just dumb - getting rid of the things that should qualify as differential advantages is not the best way to compete with Amazon or Apple.

Not sure we are at the "dead company walking" stage yet with Best Buy. But we're getting close.