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• Weis Markets announced it has lowered the prices on over 1,000 staple items and that it will freeze the prices of these products for 100 days in recognition of its 100 year anniversary this year.

The company said that this is its ninth Price Freeze since 2009.

• The Chicago Tribune reports that "Ace Hardware has launched a scaled-down version of itself in nearly 400 locations ... The new format, designed for 5,000 square feet or less, stocks more than 11,000 of the retailer's most popular and profitable products, the company said in a statement."

According to the story, "Ace is following the footsteps of big box retailers such as Walmart, Target and Meijer, which are also shrinking their physical  footprint as they seek to continue growing in markets that aren't able to accommodate full-size retail locations."

Small doesn't mean better, or more relevant, or even more convenient. It just means small. I'm a big fan of trying to find express versions of big box stores, but they require a rethinking of the concept and the mission, just just a little shrinkage around the edges.
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