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USA Today reports that a Delaware judge has denied motions brought by the California State Teachers Retirement System, and a group of New York City funds, each of which was looking to gain legal primacy in their efforts to sue Walmart and its senior executives over allegations that they "breached their fiduciary duties by allowing and covering up" widespread, systematic and systemic bribery in the company's Mexico operations.

According to the story, the judge essentially said that both groups should take a deep breath and stop making "sloppy complaints" that seemed more driven by a need to be first than a need to be right. The judge, the paper says, "urged them to work together in demanding corporate records from Wal-Mart, taking time to investigate, then acting in the best interests of Wal-Mart stockholders."
KC's View:
Second day in a row when we've had lawyers in high profile cases being put in their places by judges. Must be something in the water...

Listen, my suspicion is that there will be plenty to sue Walmart about when all the facts come out. So the judge is right - take a chill pill, and just follow the money, as Deep Throat famously said to Bob Woodward in All The President's Men.