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AdWeek reports on a new study by Harris Interactive suggesting that consumers trust more than they do Google or Facebook.

"According to the report," the story says, "66 percent of consumers (who were aware that data is generally employed by platforms to target them) said Amazon using their buying behavior data to pitch offers was 'somewhat to very acceptable.' Just 41 percent said they were comfortable with Google leveraging their search data for ad targeting. Only 33 percent said that Facebook's using profile data to target offers was 'somewhat to very acceptable'."

In addition, "eighty-one percent of adults surveyed said they were OK with a grocery store using purchase data to tailor coupons for them." And, "Harris Interactive’s research also found that 38 percent of those surveyed were comfortable with a local merchant sending them offers on their phones. Not surprisingly, young adults were more open to mobile marketing, with 51 percent of those between 18 and 34 saying they are fine with location-based data being used as advertising fuel."
KC's View:
I suspect that this may be a case of Amazon having a proven track record of relevant use of data ... I never get emails from Amazon that are not a reflection of past shopping trips. I never complain about that, because sometimes these things come in very handy. I think there may be less certainty about how Google and Facebook are using their data...