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The Los Angeles Times reports that CVS Caremark is teaming with the UCLA Health System to "treat patients in 11 in-store clinics in Los Angeles County as one remedy to a growing shortage of primary care physicians. Under this arrangement, UCLA physicians will serve as medical directors overseeing 11 CVS MinuteClinics and the two entities will share electronic medical records."

According to the story, CVS "will pay the UCLA doctors a fee for their role as medical directors, reviewing patient charts and consulting by phone if a nurse practitioner has questions. The doctors don't work at the clinics. CVS will refer patients needing more specialty care or a permanent primary care physician to other local medical providers, including those at UCLA."

David Feinberg, president of UCLA Health System, said that one of the reason that UCLA Health System decided to partner with CVS was because when he asked around, he found that many of the people on his executive team were using in-store clinics to deal with routine illnesses and vaccinations.
KC's View:
Smart move, because it further cements the notion that this is a quality option to traditional doctor and/or hospital visits.