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There is a wonderfully insightful and entertaining presentation by futurist Don Tapscott entitled "Four Principles for the Open World" that is absolutely worth watching, in which he describes the ways in which a culture of transparency is changing and will change the ways in which we live and work. It is a "turning point in human history," Tapscott says...and he is enormously persuasive in talking about collaboration, transparency, sharing and empowerment.

Check it out..

By the way...if you don't know about the TED conferences and talks - of which the Tapscott presentation is a part - it is really worth learning about them. TED describes itself as a nonprofit devoted to "ideas worth spreading," and there are hundreds of fascinating talks - none of them longer than 18 minutes - on

They are eye-openers, each and every one of them.

And thanks to the MNB reader who brought this one to my attention...
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