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The Sacramento Bee reports that in the wake of last week's decision by one of two United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) groups to reject a contract offer tendered by Save Mart Supermarkets and recommended by the UFCW negotiating team, both sides "are back where they were when negotiations began 10 months ago," and are likely to return to the bargaining table.

"There's no contract – but no strike either," the Bee writes. "Save Mart and its employees, along with workers at Raley's and Safeway, will remain in contract limbo for some time to come. Some of the most painstaking labor negotiations Northern California has seen in years appear no closer to resolution."

All three chains had been pushing for labor concessions, but Save Mart had been the only one to get as far as a tentative deal; the UFCW had said it was persuaded that many of the chain's stores were unprofitable and would not survive without concessions.
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