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by Kevin Coupe

William Shatner is going where he's gone before. But that's a good thing.

Six months after his "Negotiator" character - familiar to viewers after years of appearances in Priceline television commercials - was "killed off" in an ad where he perished in a bus crash while simultaneously saving tourists massive amounts of money in airline, hotel and rental car expenses, Shatner is back.

There had been hints in newer Priceline commercials that the character would return. But the new ads, airing this week, make it clear that the Negotiator has at least as many lives as James Tiberius Kirk, mercifully more lives than TJ Hooker, and not nearly as many lives as William Shatner's career.

Not sure about you, but when I saw this I could not help but smile when I saw this.

Best line: "I'll always have it."

He's right. He will.
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