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In the UK, the Telegraph reports that plans to begin making deliveries "to nearly 5,000 corner shops and newsagents around the country," essentially using these locations as delivery depots where people can pick up orders after work or even use them as a way to return unwanted items.

The paper notes that "the scheme is likely to prove particularly popular with employees of the many UK companies which ban staff from having personal goods delivered to their work address. However, it is also expected to ignite fresh concerns amongst traditional retailers, who already fear that the Seattle-based shopping giant is driving them off the high street."

This is the latest move by Amazon to figure out alternatives to having products delivered to homes and offices. The company also has been testing - in London, Seattle, San Francisco and a few other US markets - the use of "Amazon lockers" that are installed in c-stores and other locations, allowing people to get a code number when they order, type it into a locker installation, and immediately get their ordered product.
KC's View:
It is not hard to imagine Amazon expanding this concept to the US, which will give it yet a bigger competitive advantage against Walmart, which also is trying to figure out ways to change the paradigm when it comes to online ordering and delivery services.

And as many of us keep saying here, Amazon could totally change the game by installing Amazon lockers in US Post Offices all over the country.