retail news in context, analysis with attitude has a piece - written by Cornell University student Daniel Green and Dr. Margaret Yufera-Leitch - that assesses the views held by Rep. Paul Ryan, the presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee, about various food issues.

"Ryan, who has voted against every Affordable Care Act related bill, takes the stance that what you eat and what you weigh are both matters of personal responsibility," the report says. "In 2005, he voted for H.R. 554 'The Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act' also known as the cheeseburger bill, which aimed to ‘prohibit weight gain-related or obesity-related lawsuits from being brought in federal or state courts against the food industry.’ The bill was passed by the House but failed to even go up for vote in the Senate."

In addition, the story says that Ryan is pro-Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) legislation, against the Farm Bill, against the Food Safety Modernization Act, and for School Lunch reform.

The authors conclude that while Ryan is a highly motivated exercise enthusiast who does not eat dessert or fried foods, his political decisions seem to put fiscal health over physical health:

"One of the most important programs available to lower income Americans is the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly referred to as Food Stamps, which provides access to fresh foods for low-income families. Given that increased fruit and vegetable consumption are cornerstone habits of the Preventative Medicine conversation, why has Mr. Ryan argued to cut SNAP by $33 billion over the next ten years?

"Paul Ryan’s choices to repeal $6.2 trillion dollars of support from the Affordable Care Act and obesity-related provisions, demonstrates a lesser degree of support for preventative care than his widely publicized exercise regime suggests.  Perhaps with unemployment still high and unsure economy, America has bigger fish to fry than fixing the food system and reversing obesity but at least for now, Paul Ryan will take his fish broiled."
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