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Home Media Magazine reports on a new study from the NPD Group suggesting that the bloom may be off the video game rose, and that "while more than 210 million people in the United States play video games, that figure is down 12 million (or 5%) from 2011," a trend that seems consistent with "monthly declines in sales of new and used games and hardware."

However, the story notes that "only mobile gamers and digital gamers saw increases in the number of users when compared with 2011.

"The mobile gamers segment reached 22%, up from 13% last year, while digital gaming is up 4 percentage points to 16%. All other segments, which include core gamers, family and kid gamers, light PC gamers and avid PC gamers, experienced declines, with the family-and-kid segment experiencing the most significant decline of about 17.4 million players."
KC's View:
Not hugely surprising, when you consider how mobile technologies are affecting so many industries. But worth noting, because it suggests how marketers have to position themselves to appeal to the next generation of shoppers.

Another reflection of how things are changing - the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Fifth Annual Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report, which says that "mobile sales as a percentage of total Web site sales hit 16 percent a month ago," compared to six percent a year ago. That number could hit as high as 20 percent within the next four years, studies suggest...