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Can't wait until Friday's "OffBeat" to report to you what an extraordinary evening it was on Friday night, when Bruce Springsteen played Wrigley Field in Chicago and absolutely crushed it for three and a half hours. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of MNB reader Henry Stein, who invited Mrs. Content Guy and me to the concert - our first time seeing Springsteen live - it was one of the most amazing displays of musical showmanship and raw energy that I've ever seen.

The words that kept coming to my mind were "revival meeting," because that's what it seemed like - Springsteen preaching the gospel of the working man, forgotten American heroes, and the audience being consistently whipped into a rock and roll frenzy. The songs were from a variety of albums, including his newest, "Wrecking Ball," with standouts including "We Take Care of Our Own," "Waitin' on a Sunny Day" (for which he brought a little kid up from the audience to sing it with him), "My City of Ruins," and, of course, classics that included "Jungleland," "Hungry Heart," and "Dancing in the Dark." The demographics were all over the place, but it didn't matter - we were all part of a singular congregation, basking in waves of joy and introspection and exploration and freedom and all the other things that make rock and roll great.

Springsteen had been singing for more than 210 minutes when he looked at the crowd and said he wanted to send us all home dancing...and then he and the E Street band launched into a cover of "Twist and Shout." At that point, we were all exhausted, but it didn't matter - the pure joy and enthusiasm of having spent the evening in the company of a icon who does not rest on his laurels, but continues to write and sing and give it his absolute all ...well it was contagious. And so, we sang and twisted and shouted and danced our way into the early Chicago morning hours.

It was the best. Words fail me.
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