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The Los Angeles Times reports that Unilever-owned Ben & Jerry's has filed suit against Caballero Video, a pornography producer, over a series of "Ben & Cherry's" adult films that the producer says are a homage to the ice cream maker, but that Ben & Jerry's thinks are neither flattering nor funny.

The story notes that the "DVDs, according to the filing, involve 'blatant and outrageous copying and misappropriation of the Ben & Jerry's intellectual property.' Ben & Jerry's won a court order temporarily halting the studio from marketing and selling titles such as 'Boston Cream Thighs,' 'Peanut Butter D-Cups' and 'Chocolate Fudge Babes'."
KC's View:
I totally get why Ben & Jerry's would file suit on this.

However, it does not take much to appreciate the irony of the company that manufactured Schweddy Balls ice cream not finding this sort of thing to be humorous.