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As expected, the New York City Health Department voted yesterday to impose a ban on the same of jumbo sugared beverages - larger than 16 ounces - by the city's restaurants, mobile food carts, delis and concessions at movie theaters and stadiums, effective March 12, 2013. The city said it would begin issuing citations and imposing $200 fines to violators as of next June.

The vote was 8-0, by a board that is made up of officials appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who first proposed the ban.

While the ban does not affect supermarkets and convenience stores, it could affect the sizes of containers sold by those two retail segments.

Proponents of the ban say that it has the potential to impact the city's obesity rates. Opponents - who say they are looking at the possibility of a court challenge to the ban - say it inappropriately and illegally restricts consumer choice.
KC's View:
I've always felt that this is a bridge too far in terms of regulation. I accept that the motivations are rooted in compassion and concern, but education is always better than restriction.