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• Published reports say that a number of employees at a warehouse in Mira Loma, California, walked off the job last week and embarked on a six-day, 50-mile march to downtown Los Angeles designed to draw attention to what they say are poor working conditions.

The march, the Los Angeles Times reports, was "organized by the union-backed labor group Warehouse Workers United," and while the warehouse is operated by NFI Industries, the union group is focusing its attention on Walmart, which contracts with NFI, "alleging that the company sets standards in the industry because many of the warehouses service the discount giant."

"Part of the union playbook is to drag the Wal-Mart name into the discussion because it gets you guys in the media to pay attention," Walmart spokesman Dan Fogleman tells the Times, which writes that "Wal-Mart had contacted its contractors and visited the warehouses, including the one in Mira Loma, and determined that the workers' claims were 'either unfounded, or if they are legitimate, have been addressed'."
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