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• The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that "Sunland Inc., which had announced a voluntary recall of its peanut butter and almond butter, has now expanded that recall to include its cashew butter, tahini and other products, the company announced Wednesday." According to the story, Sunland "recalled the products after one its products was linked to a salmonella outbreak at Trader Joe’s groceries ... The Sunland recall affects more than 100 products manufactured between May and Sept. 24. Four hospitalizations have been linked to the contaminated products."

• The Fayetteville Observer reports on how more than 60,000 people have gone on a website called to urger major retailers - including Walmart, Target, Costco, Safeway and Walgreen - to pull off their shelves “Waggin' Train” brand chicken jerky dog treats, which were made in China and have been linked to hundreds of dog deaths.

According to the story, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)"revealed they've received reports of more than 2,200 cases of illness, including 361 deaths, in pets link to chicken jerky dog treats made in China." However, to this point the FDA has only issued warnings, which led the consumers to start a grass-roots campaign to get the product pulled from the market.

• You'd think they were selling iPhones.

Bloomberg reports that Starbucks said yesterday that it has sold out of some of its new Verismo single-serve, latte-making coffee makers, though they are expecting a new shipment that should alleviate concerns about a consumer panic.

The company says that it should have plenty for the upcoming holiday season.

I'm kidding about the consumer panic. I think.

Reuters reports that Dean Foods has confirmed that it "is weighing a sale of its Morningstar division in what could lead to a break-up of the largest dairy company in the United States.." Dean previously said that "it planned to spin off its WhiteWave segment, which sells Silk soy milk and Horizon Organic dairy products." The overall goal - "maximize shareholder value."

• The Chicago Sun Times reports how Pete's Fresh Market, an area independent that got permission to buy city-owned land on the west side as a way to address what is perceived as a lack of neighborhood grocery stores, is facing fresh problems - what appears to be a series of shakedowns by locals who came to the site, asked for construction jobs, and threatened violence if none were provided.

Sounds like something out of "The Godfather" or "The Sopranos." So much for putting an oasis in the middle of a food desert...
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