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Adam Greenberg struck out yesterday, and his major league career ended. It was almost certainly one of the best days of his life.

Greenberg, 31, actually came to the plate for the first time when playing for the Chicago Cubs in July 2005. The first pitch thrown to him, a 92-mile-per-hour fastball, hit him in the head, leaving him with blurry vision, headaches and vertigo. However, he has spent the last seven years working his way back, playing in the minor leagues for unaffiliated teams like the Bridgeport Bluefish. It seemed like Greenberg would never again make it to "the show," but he kept playing.

Greenberg's case came to the attention of Matt Liston, a filmmaker, who started an online campaign to bring attention to Greenberg's case. And last month, the Miami Marlins made him an offer he could not refuse - a one-day contract that would allow him to come to the plate one more time.

That game happened yesterday. The Marlins were playing the New York Mets, so the game had no bearing on the playoffs. Greenberg came up in the sixth inning as a pinch hitter - and just his luck, he faced off against RA Dickey, the knuckleballer who has been having a career year for the otherwise awful Mets.

Dickey threw Greenberg three pitches - high and fast knuckleballs - and Greenberg fanned.

“It was magical," Greenberg said afterwards. "The energy that was in the stadium was something that I have never experienced in my life, and I don’t know if I’ll ever experience that again."
KC's View:
Baseball, often justifiably criticized for being focused on the almighty dollar at the expense of the game's integrity and the interests of the fans, had a heart yesterday. It was good for the brand, and I'm glad they did it ... and if there is an Adam Greenberg baseball card, I want to get it.

One other thing. Dickey, who ought to win the Cy Young award for the season he's had, revealed yesterday that he's been pitching since April with a torn lower abdomen muscle. that has caused him on-and-off pain even as he's had just a terrific season.

I want an RA Dickey baseball card, too.