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Yesterday, in our piece about the hiring of former Tesco exec Richard Brasher by South Africa's Pick n Pay to be its new CEO.

However, because an incompetent editor hit the wrong key on his laptop, the end of the story's final sentence was left out. (The incompetent editor would be me.) I got a bunch of emails about this, mostly from people who were curious how it ended.

And so, here is the story, in its entirety (I hope):

Richard Brasher, who held a series of top executive positions at Tesco and helped to lead the company to its position as the third-ranked global retailer, has been named CEO of Pick n Pay in South Africa, effective February 2013.

Brasher stepped down from Tesco last March.

Pick n Pay chairman Gareth Ackerman, son of the company's legendary founder, Raymond Ackerman, said that the company was "extremely fortunate" to have landed Brasher, who is expected to bring the company vast experience and insight when it comes to online retailing, loyalty marketing, and private label - all traditionally areas of great strength for Tesco.

The South African retailer, which has been under pressure of late in part because of Walmart's entry into the market, lost its CEO last February when its then-leader, Nick Badminton, stepped down after five years "to spend some quality time with my family and my bicycle."

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