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Lisa Sedlar, CEO of Portland, Oregon-based New Seasons Markets, will leave the company at the end of the month, saying she wants to launch a new chain of convenience stores focused on local and healthier food, or, as the Oregonian puts it, "locally cured salami instead of Slurpees and gourmet cheese instead of the liquid variety."

Sedlar tells the paper that the move fulfills a "lifelong dream," adding, "These kinds of stores usually survive on sales from cigarettes and 40-ouncers (of beer) ... I remember thinking how great it would be if they could be convenient and have good meat and produce."

New Seasons reportedly is investing in Sedlar's new company.

Sedlar has been running New Seasons since the retirement of co-founder Brian Rohter in 2010; she joined the company as president in 2005.

New Seasons, which is an ESOP (with employees owning stock in the company), is majority-owned by Endeavour Capital, which also has a financial stake in California-based Bristol Farms and Seattle-based Metropolitan Markets. The company has said that it will conduct an outside search for a replacement; reportedly, neither COO Pat Brown nor CAO Michelle Lantow are candidates for the job.
KC's View:
Always have been a big fan of New Seasons and Lisa Sedlar, and I hope this separation is as amicable as the comments on both sides would suggest. I think it will be interesting to see who gets chosen to succeed her; since Endeavour is building a significant west coast presence with interesting and ambitious retail, it could tell us a lot about its long-term plans and goals.