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Guiding Stars, the nutritional labeling system developed by Delhaize-owned Hannaford Supermarkets that uses an algorithm to rate products as good for you, better for you and best for you, now has it ratings available via smartphone.

The Guiding Stars program began with participating supermarkets labeling qualifying products with one, two or three stars. Now, Midcentury Media, creator of the mobile app Shopper, has released "an upgraded iPhone app that gives busy grocery shoppers instant access to Guiding Stars’ easy-to-navigate nutrition rating system right on their shopping lists. The UPC-driven app lets users identify the healthiest foods for purchase by providing simple star-ratings on nearly 100,000 foods and beverages, enabling on-the-go shoppers to quickly identify the nutritional value of foods on the fly."

According to the company, "The Shopper app allows iPhone users to quickly and conveniently access the Guiding Stars nutritional rating system from anywhere. Some of the upgraded features allow users to browse and compare Guiding Stars rated food items within the Shopper app ... add Guiding Stars rated options directly to a shopping list ... gain a better understanding of healthy food and beverage choice ... create multiple lists for specific stores or recipes and share them with others ... (and) organize lists to match the aisle order or layout of the stores where they shop."
KC's View:
I have always liked the Guiding Stars program, preferring its simple approach to identifying healthier foods and making them accessible to shoppers. I'll be interested to try out the app, and think it is a good idea to expand the concept beyond the shelves - it goes right to the consumer, which is what you have to do sometimes.