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Hi, I'm Kevin Coupe and this is FaceTime with the Content Guy.

One of the great things about this gig is that it is a way for me to constantly educated, enlightened and even delighted. I never know when it is going to happen, but something will come along that will simultaneously make me say "Wow! I didn't know that," and "Wow! I can use that on MorningNewsBeat."

Which is exactly what happened the other night.

I was at the movies with my daughter, and before the movie started, she turned to me and told me about an iPhone application that she thought I might find useful....

It is called RunPee, and essentially what this app does is provide a database of almost every movie currently in the theaters, offering hits about when it is best to leave to go to the bathroom. You know, the sections of the movie when it won't really matter if you are out of the theater.

Not only does RunPee provide this service, but it also offers a time. You can choose the movie you are seeing, and hit the button when it starts. When the movie gets to one of those points when you can miss a couple of minutes, it vibrates ... letting you know that you can run pee.

Like in Looper, you can run to the bathroom for four minutes at the 56 minute mark, and then again for five minutes an hour and 17 minutes into the movie. And, it'll tell you what you are missing while you are peeing!

This is information for life!

I'm a 57 year old man, and I have to admit that this app may be one of the most relevant on my iPhone. I'm a little disturbed that my daughter sees me this way, but facts are facts.

But beyond the personal relevance of this application, I have to say that I am totally blown away by whatever and whoever created it. This is a really, really smart idea ... and hats off to the folks who came up with it.

it just goes to show you ... there are so many opportunities out there for companies that innovate, that keep looking for new niches, that try to identify the behaviors that offer them a chance to do something new. Go figure.

Anyway, that's what is on my mind this Thursday morning. As always, I want to hear what is on your mind.

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