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Marketing Daily reports on a new trend called "The New Healthful" by the Culinary Trend Mapping Report - a trend that focuses less on being healthy by avoiding or cutting down on certain foods and beverages, and more on consuming "foods and beverages that are inherently nutritious or offer nutrition benefits."

The report, according to Marketing Daily, "recommends that food makers and restaurants recognize that the demand for 'flexitarian' foods that offer protein as well as good taste and texture will continue to grow -- as will the need for ingredient transparency. Among other implications, this means that food providers should be setting up new supply lines for healthful, raw ingredients."
KC's View:
Always best to emphasize the positive ... or, as they say in the song, look on the bright side of life." This sounds vaguely like some trend invented by a consultant looking to score a few new gigs ... but that doesn't mean it doesn't make a certain sense.