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Drug Store News reports that Hy-Vee has opened two new convenience stores - one in Waukee, Iowa, and one in Liberty, Missouri. Both are on the sites of Hy-Vee units (the Iowa store is under construction).

Reuters reports that "Best Buy Co Inc is planning to sell its own tablet, the Android-based 'Insignia Flex,' for $239 to $259, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters, pitting the world's largest consumer electronics chain against the likes of Apple and Inc.

This isn't entirely fair, but when I read this story, all I could think about is the time I was sitting at an industry luncheon with a bunch of women, one of whom said that she wanted to buy a tablet computer for her child, but wasn't sure whether she should get the child an iPad or something else. Another woman responded that she should think about the choice this way: 'Get her an iPad, or get her the tablet computer that no kid wants."

Which is sort of what I think about the Best Buy entry.

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