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Got the following email from an MNB user:

I work in the Retail food business and I live in California.  I am voting FOR Prop 37 - Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling for the simple reason, I want to know the source of what I am buying.  I equate this initiative with COOL - Country of Origin Labeling -  I, the consumer,  want to know the 'source' of the food product.

I especially want to know if the organic food item is natural, or genetically engineered, and grown without the use of pesticides. I, personally,  do not consider a genetically engineered food product as 'organic'.

I am not saying I will never buy a product with the GMO label, but I certainly want that choice to be mine, having full knowledge.

I am sure the public will be quite surprised by the amount of food items they regularly purchase are produced from ingredients that were genetically modified.

And another MNB user wrote:

Don't know if you watch Bill Maher's "Real Time" program on HBO, but his guest on Friday night was Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield Farms and the discussion centered on Prop 37.  I thought one of the most interesting points that Mr. Hirshberg made was that genetically modified crops designed to survive being sprayed with Round-Up don't produce larger yields than non-modified crops.  I don't know where that study came from, but it would be interesting to see the details from it.  Monsanto/Dow and the other huge petrochemical companies are making money selling the seed and the herbicide, so there is a huge financial incentive on their side to insure that GMO crops don't get labeled, whether there are health risks or not.  The bottom line is that I don't believe anyone knows for sure, but being kept in the dark is clearly not in the best interest of consumers.

Also got a number of emails regarding my obit and comments about George McGovern.

One MNB user wrote:

I too voted for the underdog McGovern in my 1st presidential election vote.  For many years thereafter, I quoted the bumper sticker line, “Don’t blame me I voted for McGovern”.  Not the best attitude and probably not one he endorsed.  While history has been a bit kinder of late to Richard Nixon we all should learn from history - that while you may not agree with others point of view you should listen and attempt to understand why they hold it.

And, from another reader:

We're similar in age Kevin, and the 1972 election was also my first vote. And I also voted for Senator McGovern, and also am proud to say I did.

And I'm glad you called out the commenter for his comment about the "genetically modified President" line, as it was quite disrespectful. So are all the "take back our country in November" yard signs … I wonder if those who have them understand how offensive and disrespectful they are, or just don't care and do it deliberately.

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