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Responding to reports that a high percentage of seafood products being sold in grocery stores and restaurants were not what their labels claimed they were, Golub Corp.-owned Price Chopper Supermarkets says it "commissioned a voluntary test of its seafood stock. The objective report’s conclusion confirmed that 100% of the fish tested was properly labeled."

“Our purpose in commissioning a course of scientifically reliable DNA testing on our seafood in addition to our own internal control procedures, is to provide quality assurances to our customers beyond those offered by other purveyors,” says Lee E. French, Price Chopper’s vice president of seafood, adding “Being able to verify the various species of fish that we carry, in much the same way that we document the sustainability of our sourcing, speaks to our philosophical position, as it offers our customers a well-deserved additional peace of mind."
KC's View:
Be specific. Be accurate. Be transparent. Be vigilant.

Words to live by if you are in the fresh food business...IMHO.