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Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that "after opening Evolution Fresh stores in its hometown of Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, Starbucks is speeding up expansion with a shop in San Francisco now operating and another in Seattle set to open in the next month. It’s also quickly introducing the cold-bottled juice to grocery stores and may soon add Evolution Fresh branded food to its juice line-up at Starbucks cafes.

"Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz has said that selling juice and better-for-you food is a significant part of his recent health and wellness pursuit. The company has started opening Tazo tea shops and selling energy drinks made with green-coffee extract, all of part of Starbucks’s plan to get healthier."

The story suggests that Starbucks is responding to the national obesity crisis, as well as to observations that venti caramel frappuccinos may not be helping Americans stay in the best shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
KC's View:
I would call this a healthy business approach, in the sense that it spreads the company's bets around a bit ... part and parcel of the Starbucks approach since it took the word "coffee" out of its corporate logo. However, since the juice and tea shops seem to be just about as pricey as Starbucks, it remains to be seen whether it can turn them into the kind of destination shops that get people to look past the price tag and accept the broader value proposition.