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The Wall Street Journal reports that eBay-owned PayPal has "introduced a program offering customers cash back for any price discrepancies they discover on the products they buy through their PayPal account, including airline travel. PayPal is promising users as much as $1,000 in refunds each from money it has set aside for the promotion, which runs through the end of the year."
Price-matching, as the story, suggests, is de rigueur this holiday season, with retailers embracing it as a way of combatting so-called "showrooming."

The Journal notes that the PayPal program could hamper any attempt by Amazon to replicate a program it had last year, when it actively encouraged consumers to use its smart phone application to check its prices on products they were seeing in stores, and then place orders with one click.
KC's View:
I've said here before that Amazon appears to be the car that all the other dogs are chasing. But it begins to look like some of the dogs may be catching up...

However, I continue to believe that some retailers are underestimating the value of an Amazon experience ... price means something, but I don't think it means everything. There's convenience, selection, and the intuitive way in which Amazon seems to anticipate needs and respond to them.

Match that.