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The New York Times reports that the city of San Francisco has asked the Monster Beverage company "to provide evidence that supports the advertising and marketing claims it made to adolescents for its highly caffeinated drinks" - in essence, to justify its claim that "large daily quantities of Monster Energy were safe for adolescents and adults."

The city said its demand is rooted in a California law "that makes it illegal for a company to make false or misleading advertising claims that purport to be based on fact or clinical data."

Monster says it can document its claims and will making all requested documents available.

The move comes after reports emerged that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating allegations that consumption of Monster could be linked to as many as five deaths over the past three years, claims that Monster denies. Two US Senators have urged the FDA to more tightly regulate the energy drink category.
KC's View:
Sometimes it seems like San Francisco is in competition with New York to see which one can put the most restrictions on marketers. San Francisco would appear to be winning - it is the city that banned the handing out of free toys in Happy Meals, and the distribution of free plastic shopping bags.

That said ... I think the energy drink sector does need to be reined in. I wince every time I see a kid drinking that stuff, and I've been convinced for a long time that it is just a marketing nightmare waiting to happen.