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Responding to our piece the other day about a Hartman Group report on how catering to people who eat alone could be the next great opportunity, MNB user Doug Campbell wrote:

Good item here. As boomers age, more and more will be eating alone after the death of a spouse. Just might be a huge and overlooked market.  It can be a challenge to cook for one and single service portions, that are edible, or even delicious, can be a profitable line.

On another subject, MNB user Riley Wells wrote:

Regarding 2050: A Kitchen Odyssey, any predictions of kitchens of the future based on current points of view should be taken with a grain of salt.  We’ve only got 3 more years till “the future” of 2015 from the movie Back to the Future II and they didn’t even mention the Black and Decker Pizza Hydrator . . .

Boom! Another movie reference!

Responding to yesterday "FaceTime" commentary, one MNB user wrote:

I think it is admirable how you write about your wife and kids' relationships on MNB.
It leads me to believe that I can and I have to do better with my wife and kids. 
There are always ways to improve.

Don't forget….you're only hearing my side.  There are plenty of times when, at the dinner table, one of my kids would turn to me and say, "Dad, this is off the record."  If you asked them, they might say they're tired of being trotted out as business lessons … but on the other hand, I think they enjoy to some extent the notoriety they have in the MNB community.  (They love going to MNB parties and being approached by folks who know all about them…)

MNB reader Karen M. Alley wrote:

I just want to say I've been reading MorningNewsBeat for a long time and love it, and many times want to comment but haven't, but I wanted to reply to what you wrote in FaceTime today about a mixed marriage.

I happen to be in one myself. I'm a Democrat and my husband's a Republican. Many of my friends gasp in shock when they find out I'm married to a Republican. But I'm  here to say it can work. It might help that for us, we're both sort of moderate within our political parties. But also, there are many things that go into a good marriage -- shared values, goals, financial aspirations, parenting styles, etc. So if we differ on a few things such as how the government should allocate defense spending, when we should send troops overseas, how much money should go to social welfare programs and healthcare reform, we agree to disagree.

And it doesn't really affect our marriage life, because we do agree on things like whether we believe in God, how to raise our kids, and what movies we like to watch on Friday nights! It adds a little spice to our lives to have someone to argue with about a few things. It does get a little complicated once you have kids. I can safely say that I'm a Democrat because my parents are, and I grew up with their political beliefs. Of course I'd love to make my children Democrats too, but I have to realize they're living in a world with parents who have two different views. So hopefully they're learning to hear both sides and made their own opinion, and even better than that, they're learning that it's important to respect other people's opinions, even if they differ from your own.

MNB user Darren Williams wrote:

Longtime reader of your column and had to comment on your FaceTime views from this morning.

I actually GAVE UP my Facebook account recently.....personal choice but one of the reasons I was glad to be rid of it was one particular 'Friend' from my high school days (we graduated back in 1981) was so unbearably bigoted in her posts concerning Republicans.  She'd use words like "Hate" and "Disgusting" when she referred to Republicans and had even stated in on of her posts that she was boycotting our 30th high school reunion because ....and I'm paraphrasing here...."Because there will be too many REPUBLICANS there".

Now, I was there and do not recall anybody even mentioning politics, we were all too busy catching up with old friends, dancing and partying.  While I personally wish her nothing but the best in her life I find it very sad that any person would have such harsh and broad opinions about another persons views and that they would spew it out with at ALL of their Facebook friends like she did (and probably continues to do to this day).   Maybe that's why her FB relationship status always said "single".

MNB user Rich Heiland wrote:

Great observations on love and politics and I like that you concluded with Apple. A friend of my was telling me the other day about his horrible experience in an Apple store in the Woodlands, Texas. I was shocked and told him he must have just run into a below-par employee. Then, I had occasion to go to that store to find out what would be involved in repairing a broken iPad screen....and I had a horrible experience. I couldn't believe I was in an Apple store. It was 11:15 and I was told I needed to talk to a "genius" and the next appointment would be 2:50. I told them I was from 30 miles away and couldn't wait, to which they said, "well, make an appointment for another day." I told them that still meant a 60-mile round trip. What I wanted was simple. What would it cost? The person finally told me and I said "OK, I'll leave it." They told me I could not do that. Still needed an appointment with a genius, then I could give it to him or her and leave it. Seriously? As I left the store having decided to use the iPad with the broken screen, my thought was "Do I need an iPad, or do I need a tablet? Hmm...maybe I should look at the new Microsoft product, or one of the others....."

From another reader:

Great article and relevant.  My wife and I are at either end of the political spectrum. 

However we use this to allow us to continuously learn how to be respectful to each other as we discuss.  No name calling or comments such as you can’t believe that.

As for other common areas of our life, my wife was diagnosed w/ cancer 9 years ago and is now in stage 4 - no more stages.  Great way to get real life into the right perspective.

Political diversity is a gift not a curse.  Revel in it and enjoy the journey.

Thanks for putting it into perspective ... and my best to you and your wife.

And MNB user Philip Bradley wrote:

"The Love Vote" was a fabulous piece!  You combine story (whether personal or movie) and business lessons better than anyone I know or anyone I could imagine, in a compelling way and with great insight.  It's probably the main reason I read your column every day--

Thanks. That means more than you know.
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