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Just wanted to take a moment this morning to thank you for all your best wishes and expressed concerns last week and over the weekend.

I was finally able to get home on Friday night, and was pretty lucky - the house, while without power, remained reasonable warm and there had been no damage - just some branches and leaves down in the back yard. The power, cable and internet were back on by midday Saturday, so I have nothing to complain about.

(I heard someone on NPR say over the weekend that there were three kinds of people affected by the storm - people who were inconvenienced, people who had their lives devastated, and people who were inconvenienced but were acting like they'd had their lives devastated. There is no excuse to be the latter, and the good news is that I didn't bump into anyone who was acting that way.)

Also, I'm touched by the outpouring of happy birthday wishes that I got via email, text message and Facebook over the weekend. It ended up being an almost perfect couple of days - my daughter came home from college, and we all went out to dinner on Saturday night (gumbo and a good Albarino for me) and then to a movie (Flight, which I will review on Friday). And the constant "ping" on my iPhone as messages came in were a reminder of how lucky I am.
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