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Meanwhile, the Boston Globe reports that Supervalu-owned Shaw's Supermarkets "plans to cut 700 jobs, or just under 4 percent of its total employee headcount ... Total headcount after the reduction will be about 17,000, a company spokesman said, and there are no plans to close any stores. The company’s store count includes stores operating under the Star Market name."

“A decision of this nature is never easy, but after careful evaluation, it is unfortunately the necessary step for us to take to help improve our business, reduce expenses, and reinvest in more customer-facing initiatives,” Shaw’s president Mike Stigers said in a statement.
KC's View:
A couple of things.

One, I always find it interesting when companies say that they are cutting people to focus on "customer-facing initiatives." That strikes me as such a disconnect ... a basic lack of understanding that the people on the front lines can be your most effective customer-facing initiative. Fewer people can lead to fewer open checkout lanes and more out-of-stocks, and that generally is not a great way to attract customers.

Second, if Supervalu is hoping that focusing on making Jewel more attractive will help keep the ship from sinking before it is sold, the approach at Shaw's may be more akin to getting rid of dead weight. (Not saying the people being laid off are dead weight ... just that they may be perceived that way.)