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Bloomberg reports that in Spain, the chicken is taking it to the pig.

According to the story, "  Spain’s passion for the dry-cured meat known as jamon, cultivated for centuries and inextricably tied to its culture, has been severely tested by the nation’s prolonged economic slump and soaring costs for pork across Europe. It’s gotten so bad that the Spanish, Europe’s biggest pork eaters, consumed more chicken than pig last year for the first time ever,
according to market researcher Euromonitor."

Interestingly, there also is a demographic shift at work here. " It’s not just economic distress and rising prices that have curtailed pork sales," the story says. "Spain’s burgeoning population of Latin American immigrants favor poultry over pork, while the elderly tend to choose leaner proteins such as fish."

• The Allentown Morning Call reports that Wegmans is planning to open a Pub restaurant and bar at its store there, probably in June 2013. The retailer already has "three of the Irish-pub-style restaurants open, in King of Prussia, Collegeville and Malvern," the story says.

The new Pub is part of a 15,000 square foot expansion of the Allentown store, which also will include a much bigger craft beer section, keyed to the craft beers that will be sold on tap in the Pub.
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