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In Canada, the Financial Post reports that Walmart and Mattel "have launched a virtual toy store on a wall in Toronto’s business district that allows passersby to shop for toys with their cell phones.

"Consumers walking by the promotion in the PATH underground commuter walkway are able to scan QR codes to buy popular Mattel items this season from Barbie, Hot Wheels, and more. It includes free shipping."

The story says that it is projected that the virtual toy store will be up and running for four weeks. It also notes that "in April, Canadian online retailer teamed up for eight weeks with Procter and Gamble Canada to create a similar digital store underground in Toronto, selling 120 virtual products via QR codes including Crest White Strips, Pampers diapers and Tide detergent."
KC's View:
There are going to be an increasing number of these kinds of programs, as retailers (and manufacturers) look for new and different ways to connect with shoppers. It is very, very smart ... and while toys are a natural category as we move into the holidays, it can easily be expanded into other categories for more everyday usage.