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Bristol Farms has opened its second Lazy Acres store, in Long Beach, California; the first one operates in Santa Barbara. According to the company, the store was "created to entice the food passion of natural food lovers in Southern California."

Kevin Davis, CEO of Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres, said in a prepared statement: "Our natural and organic, fresh food offering is what this neighborhood is looking for and our vast product mix is unique to the area and will fulfill a need that Long Beach is hungry for.  We place a heavy emphasis on, our good for you, peripheral departments as well as our Natural Living Center."
KC's View:
When I was in Southern California a couple of weekends ago, I noticed that in Redondo Beach, there was a big "walk for education" event along The Strand, and there was a big tent promoting the coming Lazy Acres opening, with lots of cheerful, healthy-looking young people handing out fresh bananas and answering a lot of questions. Smart move by Bristol Farms, as it expands its footprint to appeal to a different kind of Southern California foodie.