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The Associated Press is out with the annual assessment - compiled by PNC Wealth Management - of what it would cost to acquire all of the presents listed in the Christmas carol, "The Twelve days of Christmas," and determined that in each case, the items are more expensive or the same as last year.

Here's how the list lays out:

• Partridge, $15; last year: same.
• Pear tree, $189.99; last year: 169.99
• Two turtle doves, $125; last year: same
• Three French hens, $165; last year: $150
• Four calling birds (canaries), $519.96; last year: same
• Five gold rings, $750; last year: $645
• Six geese a-laying, $210; last year: $162
• Seven swans a-swimming, $7,000; last year: $6,300
• Eight maids a-milking, $58; last year: same
• Nine ladies dancing (per performance), $6,294; last year: same
• 10 lords a-leaping (per performance), $4,767; last year: same
• 11 pipers piping (per performance), $2,562; last year: $2,428
• 12 drummers drumming (per performance), $2,776; last year: $2,630
KC's View:
Damn! I was really thinking about swans-a-swimming for Mrs. Content Guy this year, but the cost may be prohibitive.