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• Wakefern Food Corp. and NJR Clean Energy Ventures, a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources, announced that they "have begun work on the installation of a rooftop solar system at a Wakefern Food Corp. distribution center in Keasbey, New Jersey. The 2.4 megawatt solar system will supply power to a refrigerated warehouse, helping lower Wakefern’s long-term electricity costs and its greenhouse gas emissions."

• The Los Angeles Times reports on a study of the foods served by the nation's airlines by Charles Platkin, a professor of nutrition at City University of New York, concluding that it seems to be healthier than ever.

"Platkin gave the top ranking this year to California-based Virgin America, noting that the airline offers lower-calorie options like roasted pear and arugula salad, a 'protein plate' with hummus and whole wheat pita bread, plus oatmeal for breakfast. He gave the airline 4 1/4 stars out of five ... Air Canada and Alaska Airlines came in second and third in Platkin’s ranking. Other big airlines - including United, American, Delta and US Airways - ranked in the middle of the list."

The worst US airline from a nutritional point of view: Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air, with a rating of 1 1/2 stars.

Reuters reports that "Reckitt Benckiser has signed a deal to acquire U.S. group Schiff Nutrition for $1.4 billion, winning an entry into the $30 billion vitamins and nutrition supplements market after beating out Germany's Bayer.

"The deal brings Reckitt a new portfolio including MegaRed for heart care, Move Free for joints and Tiger's Milk nutrition bars to add to existing over-the-counter (OTC) health products like Gaviscon for heartburn and Strepsils for sore throats."
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