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The San Jose Mercury News reports that yesterday's Cyber Monday sales appear to have hit $1.5 billion, a 28 percent increase over last year, based on preliminary numbers compiled by research firms.

Perhaps most important to the e-commerce segment, the story says, "new taxes collected on online sales could not slow the roll of the Cyber Monday phenom..."

In addition, the Mercury News writes, "Based on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday online purchases, more online customers (76 percent) were probably making their Cyber Monday purchases on PCs or laptops, but a growing number are using iPads (10 percent), iPhones (8.7 percent) and Androids (5.5 percent)."
KC's View:
Sales taxes matter less to people shopping online than the broader shopping experience. Retailers who have been thinking that the imposition of online sales taxes would level the playing field and shift the momentum have been, sad to say, kidding themselves.