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• The Associated Press reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has "halted operations of the country's largest organic peanut butter processor Monday, cracking down on salmonella poisoning for the first time with new enforcement authority the agency gained in a 2011 food safety law.

"FDA officials found salmonella all over Sunland Inc.'s New Mexico processing plant after 41 people in 20 states, most of them children, were sickened by peanut butter manufactured at the plant in Portales and sold by Trader Joe's grocery chain. The FDA suspended Sunland's registration Monday, preventing the company from producing or distributing any food.

"The food safety law gave the FDA authority to suspend a company's registration when food manufactured or held there has a 'reasonable probability' of causing serious health problems or death. Before the food safety law was enacted early last year, the FDA would have had to go to court to suspend a company's registration."

• Employee-owned Price Cutter Supermarkets announced an agreement to acquire Summer Fresh Supermarkets. Price Cutter, which operates 46 supermarkets in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas under numerous banners, including Price Cutter, Country Mart and Bistro Market in southwest Missouri, plans to acquire all 10 stores owned by Summer Fresh Supermarkets. These include eight Summer Fresh Supermarkets and two Save-A-Lot stores.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

• Published reports say that the owners of Shake Shack, the upscale hamburger restaurant that has grown from a kiosk in a Manhattan park to a small but expanding chain, have their eye on a Chicago outpost, on Ohio Street just off Michigan Avenue.

The move would expand on the block's New York food footprint - Eataly also is building a store in the same neighborhood.
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