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by Kevin Coupe

First, a disclaimer.

I have no idea if this story is true, or if it is staged.

Nevertheless, I think the video is worth watching, because it illustrates how customer service should really work.

The video is part of a YouTube series produced by an Texas man named Jia Jiang, a technology entrepreneur who find himself a little depressed when an investor turned him down. He decided that he need to toughen himself up, so he engaged in what is called "Rejection Therapy" - he decided to go out into different situations, once a day for 100 days, and make outlandish requests that would inevitably be turned down. This, he believed, would make him better able to handle rejection, and he videotaped the encounters and blogged about them as a way of keeping himself accountable.

However, Jia Jiang also discovered that some requests are not so outrageous that entrepreneurial people won't do their best to make their customers happy. Hence, his encounter with a staffer at a local Krispy Kreme ... which you can watch by clicking here, or by clicking on the picture above.

I hope it is real. Because it is an Eye-Opener.

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