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The first Costco to be built in washington, DC, opened its doors yesterday, and one of its first shoppers was Vice President Joe Biden, who, according to the Washington Post, "flashed a store membership card" and "bought an apple pie, along with a stack of children's books, a 32-inch Panasonic TV, fire logs and other items."

Biden used the visit to make a pitch for an agreement between the White House and Congress that will prevent the country from going off the so-called "fiscal cliff," and expressed confidence that the two sides will come to a negotiated and reasonable deal; he also suggested that the crowds indicated growing consumer confidence.

Biden, the Post reports, "was joined at the store by Costco CEO Craig Jelinek and co-founder Jim Sinegal, who supported the Obama-Biden ticket and spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Costco is said to be planning another two stores for the DC area.
KC's View:
We can all recognize the moment when Biden looked at his full shopping cart and told reporters that it was why his wife generally won't let him shop by himself. One can only imagine that last night, at the vice president's residence, Jill Biden looked at her husband and said, "You bought a 32-inch television?"