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Bloomberg reports that the Italian supermarket chain Gruppo BSE has created an unusual lottery: Customers who spend more than $39 in a visit have their names put in a basket, and the winners will be offered a part-time, temporary shop-assistant job.

The offer is made, the story says, in the context of an Italian economy that "is mired in its fourth recession since 2001 and a double-digit joblessness rate is harming domestic demand. The unemployment rate rose to a 13-year high of 11.1 percent in October, the National Statistics Institute said today."

A company executive said that many chains offer holiday contests with prizes, but that it thought it made more sense to offer temporary jobs in the current environment.
KC's View:
Let me get this straight.

In essence, this Italian chain has figured out how to get people to pay money in order to apply for a job.

Do they send Don Fanucci to deliver the good news that the people have "won" the lottery?