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• In Massachusetts, the Northborough Patch reports that the Northborough Wegmans has announced on its Facebook page that it would no longer have a store-specific Facebook page.

According to the story, once the store opened, its Facebook page traffic just got too much to handle.

The Patch writes:

"We have a Blog and a company Twitter handle," Jo Natale, director of media relations, told Patch. "Both are very active and comments are monitored and responded to by our consumer affairs department. We do not, however, have a company Facebook page, and at least for now, there aren’t plans for one."

Natale explained that a number of stores started Facebook pages on its own, and have autonomy to do so. The Northborough store had started a page several months before opening.

"Of course, it was easy to manage before the store opened," said Natale. "But, they quickly discovered, once the store opened and got very, very busy, that it wasn’t so easy to stay on top of comments or to find the time to post. In a retail operation like ours, there isn’t anyone sitting at a PC or checking a mobile device throughout the day. It’s a fast-paced business that requires our people to be on the floor serving customers. Our other stores with Facebook pages (Pittsford, NY and Harrisburg, PA) have been open much longer and have figured out a way to manage their pages, which is great.  It doesn’t mean that all 81 of our stores can or should do the same."

KC's View:
I don't quite get this, but I take Jo Natale at her word ... you'd think that Facebook would be a terrific forum for Wegmans to engage with shoppers, but I guess those shoppers will have to be satisfied with setting up and being involved with fan sites.