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by Kevin Coupe

Okay, this is a little weird...but for that reason, I love it.

Reuters reports that there are so many lobster's in the waters off the coast of Maine that they are beginning to eat each other. (Actually, the big ones are eating the small ones. But you get the picture.)

According to the story, "Maine’s lobster catch rose to a record 104 million pounds (45 million kilograms) last year, compared with 23 million pounds in 1981. The 2012 catch is expected to shatter that record as overfishing and other factors have led to the collapse of populations of cod, halibut and other groundfish that feed on lobsters.

"Warming waters in the Gulf of Maine due to climate change have also bolstered the population even as the same phenomenon has led to more disease and lower populations in Long Island Sound and southern New England."

My questions are: When lobsters eat lobsters, do they need to wear a bib? Do they like to cook them in water, or do they like to mix in a little white wine?

(All I can think about here is the great lobster scenes from Annie Hall, which you can see here.)
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