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Bloomberg reports on the complicated supply chain that connected Walmart to the Bangladesh factory that burned down last month, killing more than 100 people.

According to the story, Walmart used Success Apparel as a supplier, and Success Apparel planed an order with a company called Simco, which was a Walmart-approved vendor. Simco then subcontracted out seven percent of that order to Tuba Group, which owned the Tazreen Design Ltd. factory in Bangladesh.

Bloomberg writes that " at least five Wal-Mart suppliers, including Success, made clothes there this year, documents found by a labor-rights group show."

Now, Walmart has fired Success Apparel after a 20-year relationship, though Success is saying that the factory was not "on our matrix and we have never done business with them,” Success said in the statement. “We have been a trusted supplier to Walmart for over two decades, never had any violations and complied with the highest ethical and safety standards that our company sets forth.”

• Walmart Canada has opened its 200th supercenter - a store in Edmonton, Alberta.

According to the announcement, the grand opening "marks a major milestone for Walmart Canada. The company opened its first supercentres in Ontario in 2006.  Today, Walmart Canada has supercentres in six provinces and 373 stores nationwide serving more than eight million customers each week."

• Walmart says it plans to open a number of online specials of up to 60 percent off today, dubbed "Green Monday" - expected, based on last year's numbers, to be the company's busiest online sales day in December.

According to data-analytics firm comScore Inc., the Wall Street Journal writes, "Green Monday was also the third highest online shopping day of the season last year."
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